Before you go further...

Warning!  This Gundam Wing site contains NO yaoi and NO yuri.  If you like yaoi and yuri, I can point you to hundreds of other sites that have them.  You just won't find any here.  Understood?

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here are some quick definitions.

Yaoi: Boys having intimate relationships with other boys (sexual or otherwise).
Yuri: Girls having intimate relationships with other girls (sexual or otherwise).

Aishiteru is a site dedicated to the "straight" pairings of Gundam Wing.

In other words, we like to see Heero dating Relena and Duo dating Hilde.
But other "straight" pairings in Gundam Wing are also welcome!  Wanna see Wufei date Relena?  Or Quatre with Hilde?  No problem.

Please Note:

That this page is strictly NON-Yaoi.  This does NOT mean that we are ANTI-Yaoi.  We respect the opinions of others.  We do NOT flame people for liking yaoi.  We do NOT belittle people for liking yuri.

To each his own.

Non-Yaoi simply means that our page won't contain any yaoi content whatsoever.  Our site is Yaoi-Free.
It does NOT mean we hate it or that we disagree with it.

With that said...

Do you still want to enter Aishiteru?

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This Operation Non-Yaoi site is owned by Sherry Hui.
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